The Story of Wuppos

Wuppos the Alpaca was born on April 1, 2016, on a farm in Canada.

Wuppos father was a Suri alpaca, while his mother was a Huacaya (say it with me now: Wuh-kai-ya. Very good!). Unlike his cousins and half-siblings, Wuppos mixed heritage set him apart; no one wanted his wool, and no one wanted him as a sire. Wuppos felt purposeless, and wandered the farm, wondering where he fit into the world.

One day, Wuppos overheard the farmer talking to his neighbor. The neighbor’s dog, Jelly, had just passed, and the farmer was consoling them. “We have a few photos,” said the neighbor sadly, “and we were hoping to do something special to honor Jelly’s memory, but we just don’t have the means.”

Wuppos had known Jelly for a few years now; they always had fun playing together during visits. Wuppos wished he could do something to help the neighbor. But what could a lone alpaca do?

That evening, the moon was full and high in the sky. As the other alpacas slept, Wuppos was wide awake, humming in mourning for Jelly. He felt something inside him, struggling to get out. Restless, he paced back and forth, almost walking into the compost pile in the corner. As he inspected his feet (compost can be sticky), he saw a most peculiar site: the moonlight shown down on a spot on the pile, illuminating a flat, white piece of painted particle board wedged upright in the compost.

Wuppos felt curiously drawn to this blank, white space. The more he looked, the more he could see the face of Jelly, seemingly hidden in the wood. Among the compost pile were broken eggs with some yolk still inside, coffee grounds, and what looked to be yogurt (for the culture). And, of course, small, fluffy pieces of alpaca wool.

As if in a trance, Wuppos nabbed a clump of wool in his mouth, dabbed it into an egg, then thrust the yolky wool at the white board. Now there was a big, blotchy, yellow blob in the upper corner of the board. It kind of looked like the sun. Sort of. Wuppos dropped the yellowed wool, nabbed a fresh piece, and this time rubbed it into the yogurt, then into the coffee grounds. With the memory of his friend fresh in his mind, Wuppos worked furiously through the night, making what colors he could to use, until the rooster began crowing early in the morning.

As the actual sun rose into the sky, Wuppos gazed upon the messy, but unmistakable, image of his friend, Jelly. With their blob of a sun shining down on them.

Wuppos was so excited, he danced and pranced all around the farm. The farmer took notice, and came over to see what all the hubbub was about. Wuppos took the farmer’s hand gently in his mouth, and led him over to the compost pile.

The farmer was amazed! Never before had he seen a painting made by an alpaca, and he recognized Jelly right away. “This is amazing! Stupendous! We must show the neighbor!”

When the neighbor saw the painting, they wept with joy, for it captured the very essence of who Jelly was. Wuppos nudged the neighbor, letting him know it was OK to take the painting home.

Now, the farmer was no slouch. They knew that Wuppos had found his purpose, and they would do everything they could to help Wuppos realize his dream. The farmer bought a heap of art supplies, so that Wuppos could practice and perfect his craft.

Wuppos loved all his supplies, but he insisted on using his own wool as a brush, even though it was a bit awkward in his mouth. So, the farmer had Wuppos own wool made into special wool paint brushes, with long handles so Wuppos could have better control when painting.

All through the days ahead, Wuppos painted and painted. Before he knew it, he was painting all his siblings all over the farm! He was becoming a real artist!

More neighbors showed up, and people from surrounding towns, to watch Wuppos create his masterpieces. Many of them brought pictures of their pets for Wuppos to paint. This made them happy, and that made Wuppos happy.

Wuppos decided to use his pet portraits to help animals around the world. Since then, Wuppos has painted thousands and thousands of pets! 

He is a very happy Alpaca!